Tuesday Apr. 25, 2017
Essential Strategic Concepts, Part 5 - The Power of Blockade
Category: Strategy, The Openings
Run Time: 00:23:48
Matchup: Nimzovich vs. Behting
King's Knight Opening (C40)

Tuesday Apr. 4, 2017
Essential Strategic Concepts, Part 2 - Strongpoint!
Category: Strategy
Run Time: 00:34:34
Matchup: Nimzovich vs. Levenfish
French Defense: Advance Variation (C02)

Wednesday Mar. 29, 2017
The Two Knights Caro-Kann with 5.gxf3, Part 2
Category: Tactics
Run Time: 00:29:43
Matchup: Monokroussos vs. Dreev
Caro-Kann : Two Knights, 3...Bg4 (B11)

Friday Oct. 16, 2015
A Repertoire for White in the Ruy Lopez: Part 10
Category: The Openings
Run Time: 00:52:06
Matchup: C81 vs.
Ruy Lopez: Open, Howell Attack

Tuesday Aug. 4, 2015
Classic Karpov, Part 3
Category: Strategy, The Middlegame
Run Time: 00:24:42
Matchup: Karpov vs. Beliavsky
Queen's Gambit Declined (D37)

Wednesday Jun. 10, 2015
Basic K+P Endings: Pawns that Protect Themselves
Category: The Endgame
Run Time: 00:17:03
Matchup: N/A                                     

Thursday Jun. 4, 2015
A Short Beginner's Q and P Endgame Lesson (with Apologies to Nigel)
Category: The Endgame
Run Time: 00:00:00
Matchup: N/A                                     

Monday Feb. 16, 2015
Calculation and Candidate Moves
Category: Tactics
Run Time: 00:20:32
Matchup: Frank Sisto vs. David Vigorito
Queen's Pawn (A46)

Friday Jan. 23, 2015
Rubinstein's Great Endgames, Part 2
Category: The Endgame, Strategy
Run Time: 00:26:58
Matchup: Oldrich Duras vs. Akiba Rubinstein
Ruy Lopez: Spanish (C77)

Friday Nov. 28, 2014
Beating the Dutch with 1.Nf3! Part 2
Category: The Openings
Run Time: 00:17:58
Matchup: Alexander Grischuk vs. Ruslan Ponomariov
Dutch Defense (A04)

Friday Aug. 23, 2013
Learning From Your Mistakes: Pawn Weaknesses
Category: The Middlegame, Strategy, Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:20:49
Matchup: NelsonBustosSanhueza vs. LukeDevro
Queen's Gambit Declined: Slav Defense (D10)

Monday Aug. 5, 2013
Improve Your Tactics with Gambits!
Category: Tactics, Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:20:15
Matchup: Janowski / Soldatenkov vs. Lasker / Taubenhaus
Danish Gambit (C21)

Tuesday Jul. 9, 2013
Recognizing Weaknesses Around the Castled King
Category: Tactics, The Middlegame, Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:14:03
Matchup: Eugene Perelshteyn vs. Leonid Yudasin
Caro-Kann Defense: Steinitz Variation (B17)

Monday Jul. 8, 2013
Concepts of Practical Endgames
Category: The Endgame
Run Time: 00:21:13
Matchup: N/A                                     

Monday Jun. 17, 2013
Exploiting Weaknesses - The Tactical Way
Category: Tactics, Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:14:41
Matchup: Jonathan Speelman vs. Jan Timman
English (A21)

Friday May. 31, 2013
Dominating the Open File
Category: Annotated Games, The Middlegame, Tactics
Run Time: 00:18:57
Matchup: Eugene Perelshteyn vs. A. Fernandez
Sicilian Defense: Hyperaccelerated Dragon (B27)

Friday May. 10, 2013
Aggressive Pawn Moves to Open Up Files
Category: The Middlegame, Strategy, Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:14:29
Matchup: Eugene Perelshteyn vs. Nick Faulks
Sicilian Defense: Grand Prix Attack (B23)

Wednesday Apr. 24, 2013
Instructive game: Restricting Your Opponents Pieces
Category: Strategy, Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:14:57
Matchup: Eugene Perelshteyn vs. Anna Levina
Scandinavian Defense (B01)

Wednesday Apr. 17, 2013
A Yankees-Red Sox Moment
Category: Annotated Games, The Middlegame
Run Time: 00:33:46
Matchup: Colin Chow vs. Dana MacKenzie
Ruy Lopez: Bird Defense (C61)

Friday Mar. 8, 2013
Vintage Wins, Part 2: My First Game (and First Win) Against a Master
Category: Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:27:35
Matchup: Dana MacKenzie vs. Richard Delaune
Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation (B72)

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