Thursday Feb. 16, 2017
How Not to Play the Italian Game
Category: The Openings, Tactics
Run Time: 00:31:02
Matchup: Topalov vs. So
Giuoco Piano (C54)

Wednesday Jul. 3, 2013
Jobava's Giuoco Piano Forte
Category: Annotated Games, The Openings, The Middlegame
Run Time: 00:29:56
Matchup: Baadur Jobava vs. Sergey Karjakin
Giuoco Piano (C54)

Monday Mar. 11, 2013
The Power of Centralization
Category: The Middlegame, Strategy, Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:15:39
Matchup: Nicolas Rossolimo vs. Paul Reissmann
Giuoco Piano (C54)

Tuesday Nov. 23, 2010
Walking with the Masters; The Beginning of Romantic Era
Category: Strategy, Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:17:42
Matchup: Gioacchino Greco vs. NN (1620)
Giuoco Piano: Greco Variation (C54)

Wednesday Jul. 14, 2010
The Not So Short Guinness Game
Category: Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:21:28
Matchup: Frederic Lazard vs. Amedee Gibaud (1909)
Giuoco Piano (C54)

Friday Dec. 5, 2008
The Great Masterpieces: The Battle of Hastings
Category: Annotated Games
Run Time: 00:41:40
Matchup: William Steinitz vs. Curt Von Bardeleben (1895)
Giuoco Piano (C54)


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