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Reversal of Fortune

In this game we witness GM Ivan Sokolov playing white in a Benko Gambit Declined. Ivan is a renowned theoretical expert and here leads GM Swapnil into a variation where black had lost previously. Sokolov deviates to a different line but plays aggressively and well and missed a chance to force what is likely a winning endgame. Swapnil keeps his head, coordinating his pieces, despite having less space and uncorks a surprising combination to derail the opening expert Sokolov.

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Posted by...Darthvader said... ";
(United Kingdom)

Great commentary. Appreciated theoretical discussion of Qc2 line. Sokolov should not have lost after Qh5. Truly a reversal of fortune.

(posted Thursday, February 16, 2017, 1:36 pm ET)

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