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My Final GM Norm
Part 1 of 4
GM Bryan Smith
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Tuesday, April 15:
"Building up Positional Pluses to Outplay a Strong GM"

by GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Monday, April 14:
"Attacking a Weakness by Steinitz"

by IM Valeri Lilov

Friday, April 11:
"Terrific Teens Episode 1: A Future World Champion?"

by LM Dana Mackenzie

Thursday, April 10:
"The Best of Lone Pine 1979, Part 3"

by GM Bryan Smith

Wednesday, April 9:
"Queen's Gambit and Friends, Part 5: Winning with the Minority Attack"

by FM Dennis Monokroussos

Tuesday, April 8:
"The Redundant Queen"

by IM Bill Paschall

Monday, April 7:
"Structural Weaknesses"

by IM Valeri Lilov

Friday, April 4:
"Another Look at a King's Indian Sideline"

by IM David Vigorito


New DVD An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player lectures 5 – 9 By IM Valeri Lilov

An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player lectures 5 – 9 By IM Valeri Lilov Recommended for Intermediate Players  More Info Presented by International Master Valeri Lilov for ChessLecture.com In part 2 of the series IM Valeri Lilov examines a  see more...

New Chess Videos for April 14 – 18

Monday, April 14   IM Valeri Lilov – Attacking a Weakness by Steinitz (strategy, middlegame) Exploiting a weakness has always been problematic for many chess players. While it’s not too challenging to spot a weakness (pawn, king, etc.), many players  see more...

New Chess Videos for April 7 – April 11

Monday, April 7  IM Valeri Lilov Structural Weaknesses (Middlegame, Strategy) We all know what weaknesses are. The weak pieces and squares are well known to all. How about the structural weaknesses though? These types of weaknesses are crucial for many  see more...

New DVD King’s Indian Against the Four Pawns Attack

King’s Indian Against the Four Pawns Attack by GM Eugene Perelshteyn Recommended for Intermediate Players Two lectures presented by International Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn, in which he covers how Black can counter White, after White builds up a large pawn center and gains  see more...

LM Dana Mackenzie

Our lecturer LM Dana Mackenzie was featured recently in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. You know Mackenzie as a brilliant chess master and educator, he is also an amazing award-winning math journalist.  He’s written two books, most recently The Universe in Zero Words: The  see more...
Recent Comments

MattHayes said...

Great lecture and an interesting line of the Nimzo that I was not very familiar with. Also, I believe ChessLecture will have to change the title in front of your name soon! Congratulations on your final GM norm.

Joebanks41 said...

Joebanks41 (larrytamarkin) made the following comment on video Inside Coverage of the USCL 2013 - part 12 by IM David Vigorito: "Your tactics were great in this game!"

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