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Wednesday, March 4:
"Tartakower the Grand Maverick"

by FM Dennis Monokroussos

Tuesday, March 3:
"Excerpts from Tbilisi 2015 Part 1"

by IM Bill Paschall

Monday, March 2:
"Keeping a Good Formation"

by IM Valeri Lilov

Friday, February 27:
"Rubinstein's Great Endgames, Part 4"

by GM Bryan Smith

Thursday, February 26:
"An Accidental Novelty"

by IM David Vigorito

Wednesday, February 25:
"Crushing the Berlin with 4.d3"

by FM Dennis Monokroussos

Tuesday, February 24:
"Mohr Flohr! Part 3"

by IM Bill Paschall

Monday, February 23:
"The Strength of Piece Coordination"

by IM Valeri Lilov


New Chess Videos for March 2 – 6

Monday, March 2 IM Valeri Lilov Keeping a Good Formation (strategy, middlegame) Keeping a solid piece and pawn’s formation is the secret of holding against master opponents. How do we achieve it? Check out this new video to learn new  see more...

New Chess Videos for February 23-27

Monday, February 23 IM Valeri Lilov The Strength of Piece Coordination (strategy, middlegame) Understanding how piece coordination works is an essential component in every chess player’s preparation. Check up a brilliant game annotated by IM Lilov, so you can learn  see more...

New DVD Rubinstein and the Tarrasch

Rubinstein and the Tarrasch By IM Bill Paschall UPC 885007541868  Recommended for Advanced Players        More                  Presented by International Master Bill Paschall for ChessLecture.com Akiba Kiwelowicz Rubinstein (1880 –1961) was a Polish chess Grandmaster at the beginning of the 20th century.  see more...

New Chess Videos for February 16 – 20

Monday, February 16 IM David Vigorito Calculation and Candidate Moves (tactics) In an offbeat opening I make the decision to sacrifice a pawn for the initiative. This requires both good judgment and calculation. While the former was on target, the  see more...

New Chess Videos for February 9 – 13

Monday, February 9  IM Valeri Lilov  Changing the Pawn Structure How and when to change the pawn structure? This question is both very important and complicated. Many times it is the positional features that we need to assess pawn exchanges.  see more...
Recent Comments

MattHayes said...

Great lecture and an interesting line of the Nimzo that I was not very familiar with. Also, I believe ChessLecture will have to change the title in front of your name soon! Congratulations on your final GM norm.

Joebanks41 said...

Joebanks41 (larrytamarkin) made the following comment on video Inside Coverage of the USCL 2013 - part 12 by IM David Vigorito: "Your tactics were great in this game!"

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