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Friday, December 2:
"Coffeehouse Chess, Part 4"

by GM Bryan Smith

Thursday, December 1:
"Instructive Battle in the English, Statics vs Dynamics - Grandmasters Blunder,Too"

by GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Wednesday, November 30:
"Kramnik Busts the Najdorf?"

by FM Dennis Monokroussos

Tuesday, November 29:
"Provocative Play in the Classical Pirc"

by IM Bill Paschall

Monday, November 28:
"Pawn Structure in the Opening"

by IM Valeri Lilov

Friday, November 25:
"Coffeehouse Chess, Part 3"

by GM Bryan Smith

Thursday, November 24:
"A Strong Novelty Turns the Tables in a Quiet Sideline"

by IM David Vigorito

Wednesday, November 23:
"Dig a Deeper Hole"

by FM Dennis Monokroussos


New Chess Videos for November 28 – Dec

Monday, November 28 IM Valeri Lilov Pawn Structure in the Opening (opening, strategy) Pawn structure is all that matters when it comes down to a successful opening. Setting up a better structure is always a challenge. Let IM Lilov teach  see more...

New Chess Videos for November 21-25

Monday, November 21 IM Valeri Lilov What is Key to Initiative (middlegame) Initiative is known to be the highest most important bit of attacking. How to acquire a strong attacking initiative brings up an important theme to learn from IM  see more...

New Chess Videos for November 14-18

Monday, November 14 IM Valeri Lilov Carlsen’s Ruy Lopez (openings) Magnus Carlsen is one of the history’s most brilliant positional players. His ability to handle the opening structure and prepare a powerful piece domination have inspired many. Study IM Lilov’s  see more...

New Chess Videos for November

Monday, November 7 IM Valeri Lilov Build a Skeleton (middlegame) Setting up the right pawn structure and backing it up with a good piece skeleton isn’t an easy task. In this lecture, IM Lilov will teach you how these two  see more...

New Chess Videos for October 31 – November 4

Monday, October 31 IM Valeri Lilov Pawn Restriction (middlegame) The restriction in chess is a key topic that everyone should master. How does it work and what are the important aspects of pawn play, when restraining our opponent? These are  see more...
Recent Comments

MattHayes said...

Great lecture and an interesting line of the Nimzo that I was not very familiar with. Also, I believe ChessLecture will have to change the title in front of your name soon! Congratulations on your final GM norm.

Joebanks41 said...

Joebanks41 (larrytamarkin) made the following comment on video Inside Coverage of the USCL 2013 - part 12 by IM David Vigorito: "Your tactics were great in this game!"

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